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moving gang

The Moving Gang will help moving to your new home a fun and familiar adventure, with a chance to share travelling tales and to see and share your new corner of the world with your friends. Monty, Khloe, Stanley and Kev are waiting to tell you all about your new home and help you prepare for the move!

Meet the gang...

Kev the Koala

Kev can’t get enough of Australia’s warm climate; as a result he’s more likely to be found on the beach than sleeping up a tree like all the other Koalas.  Although in Aborigine language, the word ‘koala’ means ‘no water’, Kev is an excellent swimmer and a brilliant surfer and loves to rides the waves. Kev is the most relaxed member of The Moving Gang, and has a reputation for being the laziest member!

Monty Moose

Monty lives in Canada and is a massive fan of ice hockey, the only problem is he feels the cold, so is often seen wearing a scarf – even at the beach! When he is not playing or watching hockey Monty is often found guzzling maple syrup. As one of the youngest members of The Moving Gang, Monty seems to be the most mischievous member and is often at the source of any trouble!

Khloe the Kiwi

Although the only female of The Moving Gang, Khloe is a bit of a tomboy. As the sportiest member of the gang, she is often found watching or playing rugby. Khloe is also very passionate about conservation, and protecting endangered species. She may be the smallest member of The Moving Gang, but she is also the loudest and when she makes her call can be heard throughout the entire forest!

Stanley Bear

Stanley is a sleepy, friendly fellow, who spends his life moving from cave to cave across the United States, with each move resulting in him finding the ideal spot to hibernate. As the largest member of The Moving Gang, Stanley eats 90 pounds of food every day. He is the wise of the gang and is often approached by the other members when they need help.

Lenny the Lion

Although many may be a little bit scared when first meeting Lenny, he is the kindest lion you would ever meet. As a keen bird spotter he can often be found hiding in bushes in the savannah hoping for a glimpse of rare birds. As he has a love for creatures of all shapes and size, Lenny is the world’s first vegetarian lion.

Download Centre


Khloe Kiwi Comic Strip

A comic about how to overcome homesickness.


Stanley Bear Moves

Stanley the Bear moved from America to the UK



A journey round the world using fun animal facts


Activity sheet

Have Fun colouring, solving puzzles and playing games.


My New Room

Decorate and plan how your new room will look


Colouring Sheets

Get creative and give the Moving gang a new look.



An average adult koala eats 400 grams of
eucalyptus leaves each day.


There are fewer than 25,000 Kiwi’s left in the wild!


An average adult brown bear can weigh the equivalent to 635 bags of sugar!


A Moose will eat the equivalent 73kg of food a day. That’s like a human eating 974 packets of crisps in one day!

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